Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book (25 books)

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Designed as a fun way to learn about the culture of life, the Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is packed with puzzles and information to help children ages three and older understand the beauty and sacredness of preborn life and the necessity to defend it. MOL is also available as a download here.

Product Features

  • Nearly 50 full-page (8.5” x 11”) pictures to color
  • The ABCs of Life
  • Connect-the-dot puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Facts about fetal development
  • Saints and champions of life to learn about and imitate

Sold in sets of 25 coloring books

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The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is the perfect tool to help teach even our youngest children about the precious gift of all human life. Filled with creative puzzles, coloring activities, and interactive themes, this fun hands-on approach covers all spectrums of the pro-life message, offers saintly wisdom from St. John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa and other champions for life. Fun, faith-filled and a great gift for any family!   — Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes


The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is a great way to inspire children with something that touches their hearts deeply—the wonder of little babies and their mothers and fathers! The fun pictures inspire the imagination, and the captions will spark a conversation about the uniqueness of each human person in God's plan for the salvation of the world. Through these simple pages you can make a profound impact in the souls of the children whom God has given you to care for and nurture.   — Ken Davison, Founder of Holy Heroes