Free e-Lesson Ludwig van Beethoven (Download)

Free e-Lesson Ludwig van Beethoven (Download)

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Despite his fame, Beethoven did not lead an easy life. Growing up, he lived with an alcoholic and abusive father. Because of this, the family suffered financially and often lived in poverty. Though he struggled with a hearing disability, Beethoven overcame this disability and produced some of the world’s most beautiful music.

Our Beethoven mini-lesson introduces high school students to Beethoven’s music through his biography; discussion questions; a selection of his musical works; and a discussion of the short film, Crescendo (produced by Eduardo Verástegui, Jason Jones, and Patti Mallette). This lesson assists high school students in learning about the life and works of this great composer while also pointing out the culture of life.

Because of the content and discussions in this lesson, we recommend that teachers and parents use this lesson with high school students in a music class, a history class, or a German language class.

Finding the culture of life in every subject can be challenging. We hope this mini-lesson on the life of Ludwig van Beethoven inspires you to point out more culture-of-life themes to your students.

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