Conversation Starter: Politicians and the Eucharist (Download)

Conversation Starter: Politicians and the Eucharist (Download)

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Helping YOU start conversations about morality in a culture that can be confusing for teens to navigate  

  • Is it okay for a pro-abortion Catholic politician to receive Communion?
  • Is it okay for a priest to deny Communion to a public figure whose pro-abortion stance is well known?
  • Are there other instances in Church history where public figures were denied Communion for grave reasons?
  • What can you as a young person do to help influence pro-abortion politicians?

In this 6-page mini-lesson, students will learn about Canon 915 and the importance of the Eucharist. Plus, they will see examples from current events and past Church history that not only engage them in conversations about LIFE, but that will make them think.


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This Conversation Starter is 6 pages long and comes with a short scenario; questions (and answers!) to get the conversation going; and background information for the instructor, parent, or ministry leader.

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