Movie Discussion Guide: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) (FREE Download)

Movie Discussion Guide: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) (FREE Download)

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In this documentary, Ben Stein examines the cases of a number of esteemed scientists and their expulsion from the scientific community because of their belief in the possibility of intelligent design as the foundation of science and nature. Differing from Creationism, intelligent design does not consider the origin of life as detailed in the Bible, but rather seeks to point out that the theory of evolution does not fully explain the origin of life and that it leaves many unanswered questions.

Ben Stein seeks to get to the bottom of the argument by interviewing scientists on both sides of the debate, only to find that the intelligent design community is not being taken seriously, and evolutionary theory, with all its holes and inaccuracies, is not being questioned. So where does evolutionary theory lead and why is it so dangerous for society?

Recommended for junior high school and up.

Contents include:

  • Complete story summary
  • Teacher notes and discussion guide
  • Life Theme

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