Movie Discussion Guide: The Magic of Ordinary Days (FREE Download)

Movie Discussion Guide: The Magic of Ordinary Days (FREE Download)

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Livy Dunne is a highly educated woman studying to become a professor of archeology at the end of World War II. When a one night tryst with an army soldier leaves Livy pregnant and alone, her preacher father gives her no other choice but to get married as quickly as possible. Through her father’s connections, a rustic farmer in rural Colorado agrees to marry Livy. However, Livy feels the marriage will lead to an end to her educational and professional dreams.

Unappreciative of her husband’s quiet ways and the slow life on the farm, Livy finds her new marriage stifling. The closest town with a library is miles away. Livy still longs for the soldier who broke her heart, even though she knows he didn’t love her. She writes letters to him in secret, hoping he will return to rescue her from what she thinks is a miserable life. The Magic of Ordinary Days is a sweet film about the decision to love and the beauty of marriage.

Recommended for junior high school and up.

Contents include:

  • Complete story summary
  • Teacher notes and discussion guide
  • Life Theme

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