All Shapes and Sizes (Download)

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All Shapes and Sizes: Learning about the Beauty and Dignity of People with Disabilities and Other Challenges helps students understand that the value of every human being exists because we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Our value does not depend on our appearance, ability, or background. To show children the beauty of the human person from creation until death, this 4-week unit study examines Down syndrome, autism, the beauty of the elderly, and the fact that it’s okay to be different.

Recommended for kindergarten and older.

Topics covered in units:

  • The creation of every person in God’s image and likeness
  • Down syndrome
  • Autism
  • Caring for sick and elderly persons

Product features:

  • 16 classes using four different picture books that teach about the value of human beings of all abilities
  • Lesson and class overviews with preparation notes and materials
  • Guided lesson notes, discussion questions with complete answers, plus links and reading suggestions for further exploration
  • Suggested activities for each class, including crafts, games, recipes, and more!
  • Step-by-step instructions and photos for each craft, plus printable craft templates
  • Bonus activity suggestions to engage all types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory
  • Printable take-home sheets for parents to continue lessons at home

All Shapes and Sizes includes:

  • A 104-page teacher guide, including printable appendices and coloring pages
  • BONUS set of lesson plans in two formats—detailed week-by-week and flexible class-by-class—and blank lesson plan templates

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I LOVE THIS UNIT STUDY!!!!! I really want to use this in my homeschool and I think it would be a fabulous addition to a homeschool co-op or a parish religious ed program… [All Shapes and Sizes] is a wonderful way to help children appreciate the uniqueness and dignity of all human life!!

 Kim Duplantier, Mother of nine children, including two boys with Down syndrome


My friend and I lead a homeschool ministry together. This past year, we did a couple of the Culture of Life Studies Program lessons for our faith study program. Our group really enjoyed them! We are planning to use All Shapes and Sizes next school year. We love that it is all put together for us, and the way the content is presented. It is so full of the Spirit!  

—Stephanie Zielinski, homeschool coordinator


As the mother of a child with Down syndrome, I liked the study very much.  It was well done and age appropriate. This program will certainly help kids understand and feel comfortable enough to ask more questions.  

— Michelle Mahnke, Mother, Artist