The Developing Baby (Download)

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Every baby is a miracle! Young children are often fascinated at the wonder of pregnant mothers or tiny babies. That’s why we created this lesson to highlight the gift of a preborn baby. When young children grow up understanding that a baby exists from the first moment of creation, they will have the necessary tools to defend that fact to others.

The Developing Baby is a 34-page, four-day lesson for children in grades pre-K–2. This lesson uses Regina Doman’s book entitled Angel in the Waters to teach young children about the beauty of a preborn baby.

We created this lesson to instill in children an understanding of the basic milestones of human development from a person’s first moment of creation. We reinforce the fact that life is a miracle to be treasured. We teach that guardian angels are given to us at the very moment God creates us. We discuss the mother/child bond. And we help children understand that God’s love for each person is immeasurable. 

Over the course of this four-day lesson, children will learn about basic fetal development. They then finish the lesson by creating a life-sized wall poster of the milestones of human development and/or a fetal development flipbook.

This beautiful lesson will help your children understand that all babies are truly blessings to cherish!

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