Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? Seminar (Download)

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This one-class lesson and video set exposes the truth about the founder of the largest abortion provider in the United States. It is the perfect presentation for high school age youth groups and adult groups.

The first video introduces participants to Margaret Sanger and the conditions in society that led her to campaign for birth control. The second video in the series unmasks Margaret Sanger’s twisted ideas of birth control as a method of creating a “better breed” of humanity—an idea that was praised by the Nazis. In the final video, participants learn the impact of Sanger’s ideas on society and what they can do to build a culture of life.

Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? helps participants understand the impact of the contraceptive mentality on the decriminalization of abortion, identify the connection between the eugenics movement and the Nazis, and recognize the ties between the sexual revolution and destruction of the feminine genius in society. This dynamic series is a must have for pro-lifers who are serious about combating the culture of death!

Download features

  • Complete 38-page instructor guide
  • Step-by-step activity instructions
  • Comprehensive lecture notes
  • Ready-to-print handouts
  • Homework, quiz, and answer key

Topics covered

  • Contraceptive mentality and its impact on society
  • Importance of women and the feminine genius
  • Eugenics, racism, and the culture of death

Package includes

  • Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? 38-page download that includes printable student handouts 
  • Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? DVD, containing 3 video presentations and series trailer

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“I’ve just ordered several copies of Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? for use on our Youth Buses for Life travelling to Washington DC for the March for Life in January. Thank you for creating such a valuable program!”  – Colleen Miner, Respect Life Director, Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY

“The three-part video series entitled Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? was captivating, visually appealing, and presented the authoritative facts as only American Life League can. Margaret Sanger leaves no question in her own writings where she stood—something the videos highlighted so well. Sanger actually condemned herself by leaving behind her notes, letters, and booklets.”  – Dan Miller, State Director, Pro-Life Wisconsin

"This is what we’ve been waiting for!! Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?, professionally produced as a unit study and video set for high school students, is the kind of resource every Church, every pro-lifer, every homeschooling family should have at their fingertips. Let me get right down to it, if we’re going to build a culture of life in America, we must both embrace and equip our youth with the truth about the founder of the largest abortion provider in our country."  – Walter B. Hoye II, Founder, Issues4Life Foundation

I just previewed the DVD and it is awesome. I was in tears during part three. This ties in with the sex-ed and contraception lessons battle we are having with our public schools. I love how you put the abstinence message in— it all ties in together. Beautifully done.  – Janet Oehl, Respect Life Coordinator, St. Mildred Catholic Church, Swansboro, NC

I wish every high school student whether he or she is public or private or homeschooled could take this course! This study program will be an immense help to teachers, parents, and youth group leaders who want to help young people understand the errors of the eugenics and feminist movements.  – Bonnie Borel-Donohue, pro-life activist